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Álamos is…
  • A student accommodation for female students, marked by a family environment and a formative project that seek to help each student to maximize her capabilities at a personal, professional and social levels.
  • A cultural promotion hub that helps students widening horizons, fostering interests and developing capabilities, through a set of cultural, artistic, sport and solidarity activities.
  • A demanding and serious study environment. Study areas are open every day from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm.


Álamos University Residence is an establishment of Maria Antónia Barreiro Foundation, a collective person with public interest (“pessoa coletiva de utilidade pública”), within the scope of its statutory objective to support the human and cultural development of students.

Maria Antónia Barreiro Foundation wishes that all the university students that come to Álamos, residents and non-residents, benefit from an excellence formative project. With that purpose, it established a partnership with Álamos – Youth Association, which is the entity responsible for the organization of all the activities.


Campo Grande, 189
1700-090 Lisboa

(+351) 217 581 205



Alameda da Universidade, 10
1700-090 Lisboa PORTUGAL
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Tel (1) : (+351) 217 581 205
Tel (2): (+351) 966 443 653
Tel (3): (+351) 966 443 592
Email: alamos@alamoslisboa.org

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